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广东快乐十分开奖 CBL and its bottling plants stick to the principle of energy conservation, emission reduction, environment protection and implementing social responsibility, and it actively implements environment protection measures in its business events and daily operation. CBL has built a long-term mechanism to effectively use water resource, increase energy efficiency and decrease packaging for sustainability. Meanwhile, CBL actively promotes domestic and imported advanced environment-friendly system to reach standardized and scientific environment management. All 19 bottling plants are certified by ISO14001.

CBL Huabei Sewage Treatment Center

In order to ensure water consumption effectiveness, all bottling plants have built water consumption monitoring system and institution to strengthen water consumption measuring and monitoring based on law and regulation requirements, allocate full time staff for sewage facility operation and water quality monitoring, and equip measuring devices and pollutant monitoring device for regular testing.

广东快乐十分开奖 In order to increase energy efficiency, bottlers implement technical transformation and technology upgrading, arrange special fund to phase out high energy-consuming technology, which is replaced by new technology and equipment for better energy efficiency. Promote energy saving knowledge and common sense through face to face training, corporate publications, knowledge contest, and formulate practical regulations respectively. By Nov. 2017, the gross annual product energy consumption was 8.20kg standard coal per ton product, decreasing sharply year on year. All pollutants discharge were under certain standard, and no environment pollution incident or accident happened in the whole year.

CBL bottlers’ measures to reduce emission:

-Solar water heating system solves water temperature issue for bottle warmer and reduces energy consumption.  

广东快乐十分开奖 -Air based vaporizer truns CO2 from liquid to gas, saving steam.

广东快乐十分开奖 -Rebuilt sugar melting and cooling system, add heat exchangers for heat exchange between 25℃ water and filtered 85℃ syrup, reduce energy consumption for both water and syrup.

-Boiler tail gas recovery device reduces tail gas emission and recover waste heat to save energy.

-Remould power factor compensation for power station No.2 that accounts for 80% of the whole production line, increase capacity of single power condenser, fulfill requirement of power in rush hour of production and increase energy saving efficiency by 1.31%.  

-Boiler tail gas recovery device reduces tail gas emission and recover waste heat to save energy.

-Glass bottle washer alkali liquor recovery system recovers alkali liquor and filters it to reenter the washing process, decreasing pollutant emission.  

-CBL closely watches subordinate enterprises’ work to reduce wrappage. Take principles of measurable reduction, reusing and reducing environment pollution to rigorously monitor enterprises to avoid luxury package and over package.

-Introduce new technology to increase equipment operation efficiency, properly arrange logistics resources, optimize routes, reduce greenhouse gas and solid waste emission, clear pollution and protect the environment.  

Social recognition:

In 2017, CBL subordinate enterprises performed well in energy saving and emission reduction, and win many awards in various social contests, including 16 titles of extraordinary enterprise for water conservation, 14 titles of extraordinary enterprise for energy saving, 4 advanced individuals for water conservation in 4 bottlers, and 4 advanced individuals for energy saving in 4 bottlers,

Detail list for awards广东快乐十分开奖:extraordinary enterprise for water saving

-CBL Beijing

-CBL Jinan

-CBL Tianjin

-CBL Xinjiang

-CBL Shandong

-CBL Central China

-CBL Hebei

-CBL Gansu

-CBL Shaanxi

-CBL Shanxi

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Liaoning (central)

-CBL Liaoning (north)

广东快乐十分开奖 -Coca-Cola Liaoning (south)

-CBL Jilin

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Sichuan

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Chongqing

Detail list for awards广东快乐十分开奖:extraordinary enterprise for energy saving

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBLBeijing

-CBL Jinan

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Tianjin

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Inner Mongolia

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Shandong

-CBL Sichuan

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Huazhong

-CBL Hebei

-CBL Shaanxi

-CBL Liaoning (central)

-CBL Liaoning (north)

广东快乐十分开奖 -Coca-Cola Liaoning (south)

-CBL Jilin

-CBL Chongqing

广东快乐十分开奖 Advanced individuals for water saving

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Shandong  Zheng Jian

-CBL Liaoning (central)  Zhang Xuezhe

-Coca-Cola Liaoning (south)  Qu Jiming

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Chongqing  Wei Jixiu

Advanced individuals for energy saving

-CBL Shandong  Zheng Jian

广东快乐十分开奖 -CBL Liaoning (central)  Liu Yang

-CBL Central China  He Jie

广东快乐十分开奖 -Coca-Cola Liaoning (south)  Hu Yongzhang